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Alpert Law represents clients in matters of Paternity, Divorce, Child Custody and Visitation, Spousal Support and Child Support, Pension Distribution, and other related family law issues. We focus on the needs of our clients. Because we know that litigation can be very expensive and results cannot guaranteed, we make every attempt to be conscious of the cost of litigation for our client. We assess each case individually and make an educated estimate of the cost involved in concluding the case.

There are numerous myths about divorcing in California:

  • If my spouse doesn't agree to the divorce, I cannot get divorced.
  • If I do not see my children, I do not have to pay child support.
  • I do not need a lawyer to get a divorce.
  • I can hire a paralegal to do the same work that an attorney can do for me.
  • If I do not accept child support from the other parent, the other parent will not have a right to visit our children.
  • I am entitled to Spousal Support because I was married for more than 6 months.
  • Because I did not know about the credit cards debts of my spouse, I am not responsible for paying them when I get divorced.

These type of 'myths' cause a great deal of confusion to divorcing couples. The result of not being educated about your rights and responsibilities may lead a party to make bad decisions that may cost a great deal of money to reverse.

We encourage settlement if it serves the best interest of our client. Yet, we discourage settlement if the best interests of our client are not served. We educate our clients about their rights and responsibilities.

Suzanne Alpert works closely with third-party accountants, therapists, custody evaluators in order to assist our clients obtain the best possible expert information available.

We have successfully litigated and settled Family Law cases for clients of all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

We speak Persian, French and Armenian. Spanish is available upon request.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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